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Travel Design USA Inc. was founded in 1986. With over 33 years of strong operational experience, we have been dedicated to create perfect cruise vacations for our customers. We offer highly personalized services, the most cost-effective cruise tours and up-to-date cruise travel information. Based on our longstanding partnerships with major cruise lines, we are able to offer group spaces to our customers at extremely competitive rates. Travel Design USA Inc. is also recognized as one of the nation’s top 50 elite cruise travel agencies. Our travel consultants are proficient in different languages and are all experts of the tourism industry. We are ready to take your call at any time.

Travel Design Cruise Holiday
Travel Design Cruise Holiday is a branch of Travel Design USA Inc., featuring the all-inclusive cruise tour packages. These unique packages are designed to fully optimize your travel experience. The fare of the all-inclusive cruise tour packages covers the cruise ticket, roundtrip air ticket, Chinese tour leader, transfers, hotel for pre/post-cruise tour, all shore excursions and all taxes. In this kind of packages, we take care of everything throughout your trip, providing you a real relaxed and hassle-free cruise vacation. Customers can enjoy the local activities at every port of call, the 24-hour exquisite buffet on cruise ship and the splendid daily night shows.

This brochure covers the itineraries of the all-inclusive cruise tour packages we create in response to the need of our customers. We look forward to plan your dream vacation!

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