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Australia and New Zealand Cruise Tour on Celebrity Cruises 2016

On the day before Thanksgiving this year, we flew out to Sydney Australia for our All-Inclusive cruise tour. Since we arrived Friday in Sydney and Thanksgiving fell on a 24th of November, we basically spent all of Thanksgiving flying. No we didn’t get Turkey nor mash potato nor with my favorite cranberry sauce~! See how beautiful out cruise ship is along with the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Australia is currently ending their spring season so as you can see people hanging around the Sydney Opera House are walking around in short sleeves and shorts. I’m always cold so of course the weather at around 68°F/20°C, I will be bundled up with my jacket.

Here is a beautiful view from our balcony of the Sydney Opera House. While we waited for departure, of course we stopped by the buffet to see all the selection of international food available for the next 2 weeks.

Our first port of call and first stop was Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens. Everything was so green and the air was so crisp with just the right amount of sun. Our tour guide had all of us lay on the grass, take a few breaths to smell the trees and the surrounding nature. It was pretty amazing because everything around us was just green and no sign of air pollution.

I was pretty surprised to see this in such a new city. This is St. Partrick Cathedral, the tallest and largest church in all of Australia. Many come here as a place to worship, pray and reflect on their busy lives. This cathedral is an example of Gothic architecture, built in different times between 1858 and 1940.

After being at sea for 3 consecutive days, we finally arrived at Fjordland National Park, New Zealand. The most popular fjord is Milford Sound, located in the south west of New Zealand’s South Island. Some passengers onboard said they saw bottlenose dolphins and a few humpback whales. I couldn’t spot them even with my binoculars. We were privately invited to see the fjords closer in distance from the ship’s helipad, which is located at the front tip of the ship. It was freezing cold, luckily the staff on board were kindly enough to hand out thick blankets to block the strong winds. As you can see the ship was going towards the sun so most of my pictures came out a bit dark, nonetheless, still beautiful in all directions.

After seeing Milford Sound, we came to Doubtful Sound, also known as ‘the Sound of Silence.’ Can’t you just feel the calmness of the water? You can actually even hear birds flying across the clear blue skies. It’s that silent! At about 421 meters deep, it is the deepest of the fjords. It is home to some of New Zealand’s birds, dolphins and penguins. What a nice place to call home for these animals!

For some reason, I was really excited about ‘The World’s Steepest Street.’ at Baldwin Street in Dunedin. I tried so hard to climb to the top and on the way there I was so shocked to see the two bicyclist cycling up this street. It was crazy that they could peddle themselves up this street that measures at the slope of 19°. Do you think the houses on this street would also be slanted?

img_0278Gardens, gardens, and more gardens! We visited many gardens in New Zealand. The rose garden at the Christchurch Botanic Garden was the most impressive by far. This 3×3 photo spread was just a few I captured. There was a overwhelming selection of colors and it was beautiful just to be walking around these beautiful roses.


This photo stop was the drive between Christchurch and Akaroa, New Zealand. I do not own a professional camera, but feel that my iphone 7 plus does the job for now. This magnificent town was green as can be with sheeps and cows in the open fields. It was amazing just to see how clear the skies were!


We visited this cute little farm in Rotorua, New Zealand. When we got there, we had 20 minutes until our farm show. I went in and held seats for our group of 38 people. As I was waiting for our show to start, I captured this photo of one of the sheeps waiting to make his grand entrance. He definitely needs a hair cut. img_0313

TADA! Look at all 19 of them sitting where they belong. Did you know there are that many types of sheep? Some with horns, some with curly hair, some with no hair. Besides introducing all of them individually, the show consisted of sheep fur cutting, milking a calf, feeding lambs, and a dog chasing geese. They also provided individually headsets for everyone which you can insert the plug into a language adapter translating the show right on the spot! The show lasted an hour and it definitely was worth it. img_0343

I leave you with an absolutely adorable picture of these lambs. The one on the top left was probably hungry or wanted some attention. He or she just wouldn’t stop “mahhhing.” Although he might not have been hungry because his food bowl was completely still full. They were so cute, it was pretty tempting to bring one home.


Dec. 2016