05/23 - 06/08/2019

17-Day Baltic Capitals Cruise

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    AT SEA
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Tour Overview

What’s included in this cruise tour:

  • Tour manager throughout the trip
  • Cruise accommodation, meals, entertainment on board
  • Shore excursions
  • Travel Insurance
  • Taxes


  • Onboard gratuities
  • Meals (unless otherwise indicated)
  • Personal expenditures

Tour highlights:

  • One cruise visiting 6 capitals in 10 Baltic countries
  • 3 Days, 2 nights in the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, visiting the Windmill Village and Beihai Fishing Village
  • Witness the ruins of the Berlin Wall, a historic unity of East and West Germany
  • Visit Gdynia, Poland and stroll through the old town of Gdansk
  • Enjoy Lithuania’s picturesque Klaipeda and admire different styles of sculpturet/li>
  • Visit Finland’s largest surviving military defense fortress in the world and see the white church in Helsinki
  • Includes Russia landing visa; explore Winter and Summer Palace and Catherine Palace
  • Visit Tallinn, known as the crossroads of Europe and enjoy the architectural style of the local trees
  • Referred to as Beauty on Water, see the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden, and visit the dinner venue of the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony
  • Explore Riga, the capital of Lativa, known as Little Paris, to see the different architectural styles of the old and new districts
  • Enjoy Lithuania’s picturesque Klaipeda and admire different styles of sculpturet/li>
  • Visit the home of Hans Christian Andersen; Copenhagen, Denmark, remembering the origins of beautiful fairy tales

Offer ID: 1318618
Norwegian Pearl
Year Built: 2006
Refurbished: 2017
Tonnage: 93,530
Passenger Capacity: 2,394


  • 1
    Arrive in Amsterdam, Holland today and be transferred to the hotel.
    Hotel: Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam City or Similar
  • 2
    Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel and get ready for a city tour of the beautiful Amsterdam. First we will head over to Zaanse Schans, where you can see life of the Dutch in the 17th and 18th centuries. Learn how they used the windmill to generate power. Here you can also see the Cheese Factory and Clog Factory. Next we will visit the small fishing villages of Volendam and Marken near the North Sea. We can see traditional fishing villages and Fisherman’s Wharf. Also see the locals wearing traditional Dutch costumes, experiencing a time capsule taking you back to a hundred years ago.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
    Hotel: Movenpick Hotel Amsterdam City or similar
    (Breakfast included)
  • 3
    Enjoy a delicious breakfast at the hotel and get ready to start our second day tour. We will head over to Dam Square, where a dam was built and converted into a square, which is the political and commercial center of the city. There is a National Monument on this square, which was established to commemorate the victims of World War II. Next we will arrange a Canal Cruise to explore and learn about the diverse canal waterways in the city. In the afternoon, we will head over to the port to board Norwegian Pearl. Enjoy outstanding cuisine, fun entertainment, and much more.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
    (Breakfast included)
  • 4
    5/26 AT SEA
  • 5
    Today we arrive in Warnemunde, Germany and we will begin our city tour to Berlin. After arriving in Berlin, we will have special arrangements to taste local Germen cuisine, the German pork knuckle, which is crispy on the outer skin and soft and tender in the inside. The fall of the Berlin Wall in November of 1989 was a conspicuous and symbolic end to the era of the "Iron Curtain". For 45 years, Berlin had existed as a city divided It has become and art district of graffiti and is known as the East Side Gallery. Experience history first hand and visit Checkpoint Charlie, more well-known as the crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. Explore the magnificent Brandenburg Gate, the most prominent and splendid landmarks in Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate is symbolic for the reunification of the two sides of this great city and serves as a historic landmark. Visit the Berliner Dom, the largest church in the city, which serves as a vital center for the Protestant church of Germany. The present Baroque structure dates from 1905 and features intricately decorated mosaics on the dome. Take a view of the Neo-Baroque pulpit, stained glass windows and exquisite architecture as you stroll along one of Berlin’s greatest landmark.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
    (Lunch included)
  • 6
    5/28 GDYNIA - POLAND
    Today our cruise ship arrives in the coastal city of Gdynia, Poland. We will then proceed to the largest city in the north, Gdansk. The main pedestrian street in Gdansk Old Town is the Royal Route. From the plateau gate, you will arrive at the Greet Gate via the Golden Gate, Long Street and Dlugi Targ square. The name comes from the Polish royal family, it passes through the prison tower, the Golden House, the City Hall, and much more. One of them is St. Mary’s Church, built in the 15th century and is the largest brick church in the world.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
  • 7
    Our cruise ship arrives in Klaipeda, the third largest city in Lithuania. The city’s architecture is similar to that of Germany, Britain, and Denmark. Klaipeda Old Town is a charming building with half timbered buildings and cobbled streets, stone paved roads and beautiful architecture. The old town is full of statues of different sizes and the most famous is Annie of Tharau Fountain, located in the Theatre Square, is the heroine of the famous German poet Simon Dach’s love poems. Afterwards, we will stroll through Klaipeda Sculpture Park, which reopened in 1975, displaying nearly 100 different themes of sculptures.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
  • 8
    Today we arrive in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. It is a vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green parks. Often referred to as “Daughter of the Baltic” because of how modern, fun and friendly this city can be. First we will visit Suomenlinna Fortress, a fortification built more than 250 years ago and is one of the largest sea defence military fortresses in the world. Next, we will visit the White Cathedral, built as a tribute to the Grand Duke of Finland, and Tsar Nicholas I of Russia. The neoclassical church is part of the Empire era centre and has become the symbol of the whole of Helsinki. Enjoy the sounds of Temppeliaukio Church, a Lutheran church built directly into solid rock, also known as the Church of the Rock. The church hall is covered with a dome, lined with copper and supported on the rock walls by reinforced concrete beams. Its special architecture makes it a popular location for concerts and weddings. Come to Sibelius Park, a steel monument dedicated to the national composer Jean Sibelius. The cluster of steel pipes is said to represent the forest. The pipes create its own music with the movement of the wind.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
  • 9-10
    5/31-6/1 ST. PETERSBURG - RUSSIA
    Day 1 - Welcome to St. Petersburg, a city with a rich history and culture, a world class destination known as Russia’s Window to the West. We will visit the Hermitage Museum, which is housed in the Winter Palace of the Romanov dynasty, one of the world’s greatest as well as the oldest collection of treasure, art and antiquities. The green and white three story palace is a marvel of Baroque architecture and boasts 1,786 doors, 1,945 windows and 1,057 elegantly and lavishly decorated halls and roomsNext see Peterhof Palace, a series of palace and gardens laid out on the orders of Peter the Great, opening onto the Baltic Sea. The Grand Palace, the largest of Peterhof palaces looks truly imposing when seen from the Lower and Upper Gardens. It was designed to be the centerpiece of the Peter the Great’s “Russian Versaille”. The Great Cascade is one of the biggest fountain ensembles in the world, which includes more than sixty fountains, in a grand staircase design. Perhaps the greatest technology achievement of Peterhof is that all of the fountains operate without the use of pumps. Water is supplied from natural springs and collects in reservoirs in the Upper Gardens.
    Day 2 - On our second day, visit The Catherine Palace ( Ekaterina Palace) is named after Catherine I, the wife of Peter the Great, who ruled Russia for two years after her husband’s death. Originally, a modeste two story building commissioned by Peter for Catherine in 1717, the Catherine Palace owes its awesome grandeur to their daughter, Empress Elizabeth. Enjoy the Spas Na Krovi, one of the mains sights of St. Petersburg. This church was built by Alexander III, a dedication to be a memorial to his father Emperor Alexander II who was fatally wounded here when he was thrown a grenade by an anarchist conspirator. This church architecture differs from others in that it harks back to medieval Russian architecture in the spirit of romantic nationalism, containing over 7500 square meters of mosaics. See Kazan Cathedral, a cathedral of the Russian Orthodox Church built between 1801-1811. As this cathedral is dedicated to the iconic Lady of Kazan, there is usually a queue of believers waiting to kiss her.
    Amount of walking for both days: Long
    (Lunch included for both days)
    The order of tours may change depending on time and traffic
  • 11
    Our cruise ship arrives in Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Tallinn's many occupations over the centuries have resulted in a cultural mix and unique ambiance of this maritime city. It was once the traffic hub of Europe and was hailed as “the crossroads of Europe”. First visit Kadriorg Castle, baroque palace complex built for Tsar Peter I in 1718. It was one of Tsar’s summer palaces, located in Kadriorg Park, a great example of palace and park design in Estonian architectural history. Next see Song Festival Grounds, an open air music plaza of unique shape, the stage is back facing the sea, which can accommodate 34,000 people singing on the same stage, and the auditorium on the semi-circular septs can accommodate an audience of 200,000. The city of Tallinn is divided into the upper city and the lower city. The upper city is a gathering place for the upper class, such as the religious class and the feudal dignitaries. The Old Town of Tallinn has been included in the World Heritage by the United Nations. Town Hall Square has been the center of this town since the middle ages. It is filled with many outdoor cafes, medieval festivals, open concerts and much more. The most magical time of the year will be during Christmas when locals celebrate old traditions that dates back to 1441. The most striking building nearby is Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the Church of our Lady (Toomkirik), built in 1219.
    Amount of walking: Long
  • 12
    Today our cruise ship arrives in Stockholm, the capital and largest city of Sweden. The inner city is made up of 14 islands connected by some 50 bridges on Lake Malaren, which flows into the brackish Baltic Sea. Visit City Hall, famous for its grand ceremonial halls and unique art pieces and is the venue of the Nobel Prize banquet held each year in December. The Nobel House Museum, which was launched at the 100th anniversary of the 2001 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, holds information about Nobel Prize winners and their life. Tour through Vasa Museum, a maritime museum displaying the almost fully intact 17th century ship that has ever been salvaged; the 64-gun warship Vasa sank on her maiden voyage in 1628. The collections include more than 40,000 of equipment, decorative elements, and personal belongings of the crew, along with weapons, tools, and coins that were found around the ship.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
  • 13
    6/4 RIGA - LATVIA
    Our cruise ship arrives in Riga, the fastest-growing economy of the three smallest countries in the Baltic Sea, known as the “Little Paris.” Riga is divided into a new city and the old city. The new city is considered as the most beautiful and well-preserved Art Nouveau complex in Europe. The Nativity of Christ Cathedral in the new city was built during the Tsar period. It is the largest orthodox church in the region, with a glittering onion dome. The Freedom Monument is a memorial to the soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence and is an important symbol of Latvia’s freedom, independence and sovereignty. Visit Old Town, a World Heritage Site in 1997, with medieval architecture such as Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, creating a unique blend of old town in Riga. The Riga Cathedral, built in the 13th century, is located in the largest square in the old city. The church houses the largest organ with 6768 ducts.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
  • 14
    6/5 AT SEA
  • 15
    Today our cruise ship arrives in Copenhagen, Denmark. Visit the infamous The Little Mermaid statue which was unveiled at Langelinie in 1913. During this time era, classical and historical figures were used as decorations in the city’s park and public area. The small and unimposing Little Mermaid statue continues to remain as Copenhagen’s icon and major tourist attraction. Explore Rosenborg Castle located in the center of Copenhagen, Denmark. The Dutch Renaissance style castle was originally built as a summerhouse in 1606. The castle has been expanded and renovated several times, finally evolving into its present design and condition by the year 1624. Visit the exquisite architecture of Amalienborg Palace, constructed in the 1700’s by Danish Rococo which was considered one his greatest works. The palace complex consists of 4 rococo palaces placed around an octagonal square with a statue of King Frederik V, standing prominently in the square. This monumental palace was built for noble families, where various kings and their families resided in. Enjoy Carlsberg brewery, founded in 1847, here you can learn about the history of Carlsberg brand, the beer brewing process and taste the freshly brewed Carlsberg draft beer.
    Amount of walking: Moderate
  • 16
    6/7 AT SEA
  • 17
    Today we disembark in Amsterdam, Holland. After disembarkation, you will be transferred to the airport for your safe flight back home.