• We enjoy the trip and the leadership of Lina. She cares for all of us and keeps our journey smooth and fun. Thank you so much and appreciated.

    –Feb 2018  Antarctica

  • Excellent Services from the planning stage to execute the plan provided by the travel consultant.

    –May 2017 Northern Europe

  • We have to thank tour leader Lina Huang, she is very caring and responsible. We like her a lot. Thank you, Lina.

    –Feb 2018  Antarctica

  • Mrs Bree is an excellent tours Leander, well organized and arrangement. Caring seniors citizen fellows. Nice friendly personalities.

    –May 2018 Northern Europe

  • Lina serve as a good tour leader. We are grateful that they got us to Copenhagen earlier.

    –May 2017 Northern Europe

  • The leader, Anna, she is doing a great job. I certainly will recommend Travel Design to my friends.

    –August 2018 Western Mediterranean

  • Tour leader Lina is a very good tour leader. Very satisfied.
    –February 2018 Antarctica
  • Very happy with tour leader Gerry’s professional service and looking after us! Thank you!

    –February 2018 Southeast Asia, Sri Lanka, India & Arabian Gulf

  • Gerry, you are a great team leader, and a very helpful travel consultant. Thank you.

    –November 2017 Australia & New Zealand